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Who we are

Mission | To conserve nature and share ideas about the world– one person, one kayak and one thought at a time.


Here at Green Mangroves, we believe in taking you outdoors to discuss things that matter. We offer trips -at a reduced cost- that integrate kayaking and cleanup of Qatar’s mangroves. During our kayaking trips, we share thoughts on living a plastic-free life, what it means to live a life based on “experiences” rather than “things” or “appearances”, and we explore mangrove forests together.

Green Mangroves is a non-profit project and is a Qatar-based program of Qatar Foundation International. 


Green Mangroves is looking for individuals who are passionate about working outdoors/ helping people connect with nature, and have an upbeat, energetic personalities. 

These individuals would lead kayaking trips starting from Nov 2018.

Our trips run from Nov to May.

Selected members will get the chance to lead kayaking trips and - kayak for free! - in the beautiful mangrove channels and the emerald-coloured sea.

Kindly note that this is a volunteering position and is unpaid.

Selected members will be trained in kayaking, so previous kayaking experience is not required. 

Position Description: ​

Individuals committing will be responsible for:

  • Leading trips 2 times a month to Al Dakhira (Al Khor) mangroves

  • Towing the trailer from the camp to the kayaking site and vice versa (Green Mangroves kayaks’ trailer will be parked close the the kayaking site.)

  • Deciding on appropriate dates and times based on tides and weather and updating the booking page

  • Facilitating the activities during the trip

  • Leading outreach workshops and presenting in schools

  • Attending monthly meetings with Green Mangroves Team for project development. 

  • Expected hours of commitment /per month:

       - Monthly Meetings | 2 hours

       - Leading 2 trips per month | total of 13 hours (including commuting)
       - Presentations (schools/ community) | 2 hours


  • Have a driving license and a four-wheel drive car (to tow the trailer)

  • Fill out the form attached below

  • Be committed to the project for AT LEAST 2 year starting Nov 2018 (note that this is important as we will invest on your kayaking training and certification which will be conducted by a Pro-instructor from the UK)


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