Green Mangroves is a not-for-profit project bringing people together to protect oceans - one person, one kayak, and one thought at a time.

Here at Green Mangroves, we believe in taking you outdoors to discuss things that matter. We offer trips that integrate kayaking and cleanup of Qatar’s mangroves. During our kayaking trips, we share thoughts on living a plastic-free life and the power of individuals, and we explore the gem that we aim to protect: The Mangrove Forests.

Green Mangroves is a non-profit project and is a Qatar-based program of Qatar Foundation International. The trip leaders are certified First Aid Respondents (BLS/AED).



Schools Talks



From Harvard University to kindergarten classrooms, we run interactive talks on mangrove education, single-use plastic, and human-environment relationships.

May the mangrove exploration on a kayak fill you with ‘wonder’, and may ‘light’ fill your heart as we sit together, in a circle, talking about things that matter, from the power of one person to the stewardship of the earth.

The biggest impact comes from the small things we do. Every. Single. Day. Wondering how to live with less plastic (that is choking our seas and oceans)?
Check the Guide to Low-Waste Shopping in Qatar!

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